Goodbye 2010s!

What a wild fucking decade huh?

Technically, yes, we are 20 days already into 2020 and also, as it turns out we have one whole year before *this decade* ends, but what the hell. It has been trending all over social media to lists highlights from this decade, so I am going to give it a shot!

The Highs

  • Still alive, woohoo *fist bump*
  • Traveled a LOT, ended up in places and experienced things I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of when this decade started!
  • Adopted the boys, fell truly and completely in love with two little hearts I know I will *never* fall out of love with.
  • Grew so much as a person. More like grew into the person I am meant to be. I remember starting out this decade still clueless about who I was, what I wanted to do, and how to get my shit together. I have to say, I am pretty fucking proud of how far I came!
  • Moved. Twice!!
  • Made it to my ultimate city of dreams, the city I grew up making heart eyes at watching all those rom-coms from the 90s …I still can’t believe I made it here some days.
  • Found some beautiful souls, in a wild variety of ways, and they’re now stuck with me. So thankful for how much my tribe increased this decade.
  • Saw some of closest friends marry some really awesome people aww you guys we made it, who would have thought haha?!?!
  • Had a whole decade worth of jobs I am very proud to have been in! It was tough, but it was worth every second of it. Had the most amazing bosses, most amazing opportunities to grow and the most badass colleagues and friends ever. I feel very lucky to be the sort of person that wakes up everyday loving what they are going to do for most of the waking day.
  • Finally figured out how I like my eggs. Sunny side up. 🙂
  • Went from knowing nothing about managing finances to learning how to run a whole ass household!
  • Checked off a pretty amazing 25 before 25 and 30 before 30.
  • Definitively understood that I married a good person who is actually the love of my life. There will be no getting over this one. Yes, I learned that a good 5 five years into the marriage LMAO! Doing things backwards like a boss.
  • Quit smoking AND STUCK TO IT! Whaaaat?!
  • Fought the good fight to make the world a better place. When I die, I know I would die knowing that I did what I could to put things right.

The Lows

  • Finally realized that I can’t do everything by myself, and got help. Learned to live with the fact that I could wake up the next day wanting to never move out from the bed and it is okay. Learned to take it one day at a time and that’s okay.
  • Had to bury a fair few animals, it remains a job I hated and loved, but I would never go back to it. Really takes a toll on you, ya know?
  • Almost called it quits on my marriage (wow feels so strange to say that, but I never want to paint an unrealistic picture of us together because so!! many!!! of random people who found me through the blog watch me post all these mostly happy sunshine-y stories about him hah). Marriage is tough y’all! For a bit there, it really looked like parting ways was the best way for all parties to keep their sanity. And what do you know, going through it all might have actually made us stronger? Strange how that works.
  • Lost a whole lot of friends. Some were unsurprising.. you know, sometimes relationships run their course, and you can anticipate their end. You know it is coming, or at the very least, you know that it will never quite be what it once was. We’ve all been there, the started as really good friends, best friends even, ended as ‘happy birthday’ messages on Whatsapp every year, and sometimes not even that. These were okay to deal with. Some others caught me so off guard, I think I will forever be halfway through writing them a text or giving them a call before realizing wait.. we aren’t friends anymore. This was the decade I truly learned that simply liking a band or a drink or cats is not enough to sustain a relationship. This was a decade I learned to demand a higher standard for those I choose to share a life with.
  • Pretty much gave up on a few stray dreams here and there.. ah well life I guess? *shrugs*
  • Went through so many phases of self doubt and uncertainty throughout this decade, about what sort of a person I truly was, if I was even meant to have this or be here.. thanks to a dangerous cocktail of awful people and even more awful situations I found myself in.
  • The world progressively got an awful place to be in. At this very moment in time, I cannot think of a single reason why human beings should be allowed to exist. All we do is fight wars, set things on fire and basically shit all over the place and make it inhabitable for whatever is coming after us. We are the plague and we deserve an meteor in our faces at 8.54am on a Monday morning.

2020s, be nice?

Love and light,

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