It has been a few days since I went off Instagram. I really thought I would miss it more but instead I feel… like nothing much has actually changed. I don’t think I miss it at all, and the fact that absolutely no one has noticed – no shade, the…

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The Year That Was

(i.e. the last one, the one that ended like 7 months ago) So.. I may have jinxed myself with my last travel blog (the one where I finally visited Canada) and talking about putting up a post within a month.…

Good Fall Things

(Butternut squash) soup. Wearing winter things, but without gloves. Halloween. Pastels. Boots. ALL THE SEASON PREMIERES! Foggy mornings. Crunchy leaf piles. The beginning of cat snuggle season. Scary movie marathons. Leaf-spotting. Long drives along colorful roads. Fun costumes (that aren’t…

Breaking Up With Friends

Why doesn’t anyone ever write about the break-up of a friendship, even though it feels so much more screwed up than a break-up of a romantic relationship?! This is full of horrible achy feels, so you can skip out on…


That’s So Annie are the chronicles of a queer, immigrant brown woman who is many things – photographer, marketer, social media junkie, engineer, incurable geek, rescue cat mom, activist – but most importantly, she is a storyteller trying to change the world, one day at a time.



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