#justNYCthings: Pillow Fight!

A few days ago, I found a Facebook listing for what sounded like the whackiest event. I read on more, and discovered that its a global day of sun (and stress-relief I assume?). April 2nd, is apparently the International Pillow Fight Day! 😛

New York City being no stranger to well, strange and exciting things, was hosting one of these pillow fights of its own. I had no idea this was even a thing, and I was very excited just to read all about it, and their “PJs welcome!” was the icing on the cake for an event I was NOT missing out on.

On April 2nd, we decided to drive into the city (mostly because I assumed we would look super weird carrying pillows on NJ Transit), and check it out first. Sure it sounds exciting, but hey how does this work?! Do I just show up and start hitting strangers? As it turned out, that is precisely what it was all about.

We got there an hour after the event actually started, and as we walked towards the park, I saw flying pillows(!!). The “fight” was gaining momentum, and there was chaos and madness everywhere! Pillows and feathers flying EVERYWHERE, people dressed as superheroes screaming and running behind total strangers, kids and adults squealing in delight (like me) and people piggybacking on other people and crowds trying to bring them down! 😀

For a second (or ten, as I stood there snapchatting a ‘guys you gotta see this!’ video for my friends back home), I tried to soak in all the madness because I couldn’t believe this was happening… until someone hit me with a neon pink pillow at the end of my video and then… IT WAS ON! Here is a tiny video (don’t worry, everyone was hitting the pillows *gently*).

New York City, you never fail to make me smile. 🙂

~ Annie.

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